The thought of picking up mini-bands over dumbbells or a straight bar may seem foreign or out of your comfort zone, but they are lightweight, versatile and add some great resistance to your workout. Warm Up, Elastic Band | basic Strength-Training | Exercise for Back, General Why Resistance Bands Should Be the #1 Tool Used for Warming Up the Body You gradually increase heart rate and body temperature. This allows you to work eccentric and concentric phases in the moving arm and an isometric in the downward arm. “For all of the exercises,” Slaman says, “keep your core engaged so your back stays supported.” How to Choose the Right Resistance Band Resistance bands come in … Available in different sizes and strengths, you can use resistance bands to stimulate specific muscle groups. Take small steps. Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back and down.
Recent studies show, that stretching with bands improves health in many body areas especially your back and neck. Get creative and perform any 'pull' [back] exercise you can imagine with machines or free weights, only using our resistance bands. Exercises include Long Tones, Flexibility Exercises (lip slurs, register slurs), Articulation Exercises, and Chorales.